1. I’m ordering my shark onsie tomorrow and I just really can’t wait to be a shark

  2. werephantom:

    remember when they literally named the beach in san francisco

    ocean beach

    they named it ocean beach

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  3. winterfellis:

    you ever in the mood to get hit by a car and spend like 1 month in the hospital 

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  4. #shark #earings #best #thanksMarie 💜🌊

  5. #latte

  6. #latte and #sharks

  7. austriea:

    ah yes the united states of america….. the way they just… (clenches fist) united all those states..

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  8. Treat yo self and get the shark one!

    But $60 is 43% of my paycheck and I should actually buy things I need and save the rest.

    But also a shark onsie so - I think I’ll sleep on it. Shipping is 3-5 days for $5.50, so I’ll get it in time for Halloween.

  9. Ok $71 is too much for a sloth onsie but holy shit I want it.

    And $57 is too much for this REALLY COOL SHARK ONSIE

    But the dino one is $40 with the fast shipping and is $17 more worth it for the way better shark?

  10. noooooooo

    shipping for that onsie takes 17-28 business days but Halloween is in 12 days but expedited shipping is $15 :(


    Help me decide

    » Stitch

    » Shark

    » Dinosaur

    I wish the shark didn’t look so mean :(

  12. Adult Shark Attack Costume - One Size Fits Most

    Ok but I think this is my favorite costume of all time

  13. I’m so tired but cough keeping me awake
    Why isn’t the medicine working?
    How do I make a cough go away so I can fall asleep?