1. 7 year old me on Halloween

  2. did you know that snails’ anuses are located directly above their heads?



    good job lil buddy :)


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  4. fagtree:

    so other than that, mrs. lincoln, how was the play

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  5. FINALLY figured out how to complete all aspects of my data analysis and now all I have to do is write a report and do a 5 min presentation. 


    • Spreckels, Stow, and North lakes all have different pH levels.
    • Stow and North, and Stow and Spreckels have different number of waterfowl species that visit them, but Spreckels and North have the same number of waterfowl species visit them.
    •  The different days, due to weather conditions, does affect both lake pH and the number of waterfowl species that hang out at the lake. 


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    naw but the second physics prof seems like a really cool person and I hear good things about the class. Actually, sounds better than chemistry at this point because I hate chem labs. 

  9. Fall 2014 class schedule (unless animal physio gets added)


    • 9:10-10 Animal Behavior
    • 11:10-12 Genetics
    • 1:10-2 World Religions (lol already took this class in AZ so easy A what up)


    • 11-12:15 Conservation Biology
    • 12:35-1:50 Physics lecture
    • 2:10-4:55 or 5:10-7:55 Physics Lab (Tuesday only)

    so yay no more 8am classes and a late start on T/TH. 

  10. lol they’re not offering animal physio in the fall

    lol which means I have to take human physio instead

    but lol human physio has different prereqs

    lol I have to take the second physics class now


  11. stunningpicture:

    My favourite view when I walk my dog. Oxfordshire, UK. [6016x4000] [OC]

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