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  3. New #running shoes to replace my old ones from high school.

  4. Thanks, genetics.

    I have inherited a gene from my father that causes my body to make vast amounts of cholesterol. I researched how to lower cholesterol and I just:

    »Lower meat intake (I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life)
    » Don’t smoke and lower alcohol consumption (I’ve never smoked and I don’t drink alcohol-I’ve never finished a drink)
    » Don’t eat fast food (I eat fast food like once every few weeks)
    » Exercise (I rock climb, run, walk everywhere, and just got back from hiking everyday in the rainforest)

    Basically, there’s nothing I can do except go vegan and crank up my exercising to 11. But I’ll probably be on medication my entire life and still probably have a heart attack at 60 even though I’m a pretty damn healthy person. I’m 5foot and around 110-115 pounds, so I’m not overweight at all. Thanks, genetics.

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  6. I miss the rainforest.

    I miss hiking for ~5 hours a day through ankle deep mud and sliding down hills.

    I miss listening for lost calls from capuchins through the sounds of the cicadas, howlers, and that one bird that sounded like our human lost call.

    I miss waking up at 4am to watch the sunrise through the dense trees and the painfully cold shower at 2:30pm after a long and sweaty day chasing capuchins.

    I miss the moist, clean air, the different kind of silence, and the lack of obligations.

    I miss field work and the feeling of being disconnected. 

    I’ll forever be comparing life here to life in the rainforest, and so far, life here is subpar.  

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  8. BRING ME THE MAMONES #cebuscapucinus

    Costa Rica pics (minus monkeys) Part 3

    Costa Rica pics (minus monkeys) Part 2

    Costa Rica pics (minus monkeys) Part 1

  9. also I’m pretty buff now

  10. also field work is for sure the career for me. Living in the rainforest for 26 days was a blast. I learned that I am an expert tracker and can predict the movements of capuchins, those bastards are hard to find. also I’m really really really tired, but I’ll post some pics soon, but I’ll probably watermark them because they’re probably my best photos that I’ve ever taken and I want to keep my name attached to them. idk when I’ll post photos. bare with me.

  11. mmm the sweet sweet smell of damp musty sweaty clothes